Want to know more about INSIDR's connectivity features?

  • Can the INSIDR smartphone be used outside of Paris?

The answer is yes! The connectivity plans on INSIDR smartphones work all around France with unlimited local calls and texts, as well as unlimited 4G data. As long as you're in France, there are no additional fees when using your INSIDR smartphone outside of Paris.

  • How does the INSIDR service compare to portable WIFI hotspots?

Portable WIFI hotspots only allow you limited internet access on your own devices. The INSIDR smartphone does that and so much more!

Renting an INSIDR smartphone gives you many more possibilities and more freedom to roam the internet! Our phones are all equipped with an unlimited WIFI hotspot feature, allowing you to connect your own devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets…) and surf the net freely.

On top of that, your INSIDR smartphone provides you with unlimited local calls and text messages, as well as unlimited 4G data browsing. 

And that’s not all! All of our smartphones are loaded with content that we have carefully developed, giving you all you need to discover the real Paris, and transforming your device into a complete digital guide: enriched maps, self-guided walks, and direct access to a community of friendly Parisians! So much more than just having an internet connection during your stay in France!

  • How does the INSIDR service compare to prepaid SIM cards?

There are several things that put us off buying a prepaid SIM card in France. First and foremost, the process can be time consuming, complex to set up, and expensive. There are many operators to choose from, your options can be unclear, you must constantly top up your SIM, not to mention limited data offers for high prices!

That's why here at INSIDR, we are proud to provide you with a hassle-free option, designed to make your life easier! With our smartphone rental, you will have unlimited access to 4G data, a WIFI hotspot to connect all of your devices, unlimited local calls and text messages, and much much more!

Our phone also acts as your all-in-one digital guide to Paris, ensuring that you live the city like a true local during your stay. We offer you so much more than just a SIM card! 

  • Can I use my INSIDR smartphone to make international calls?

Our smartphones do not allow you to make outbound international calls. This is to ensure you don't get any nasty surprises at the end of your stay with expensive calling charges.

This being said, thanks to our high-speed 4G data plans, you will be able to make outbound international calls using the various apps that are preset onto all of our smartphones: Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, LINE, WeChat …

  • Can people contact me from abroad on my INSIDR smartphone?

Absolutely! Our smartphones can receive incoming international calls free of charge.

  • How many devices can I connect to the WIFI hotspot on my INSIDR smartphone?

You can connect up to 5 devices using the WIFI hotspot on your INSIDR smartphone: perfect for the whole family! All devices with a WIFI option can be connected (iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, laptops, PSP, etc.).

  • Is there any data limitation on my INSIDR smartphone?

Absolutely not, you are free to use as much data as you need! 

  •  What kind of smartphone does INSIDR offer?

Our cell phones are all LG G3 smartphones that run on the Android operating system: a high-end device with a wide HD screen, a high definition camera, and high speed connectivity features. Our smartphones also include internet tethering/connectivity features, such as WIFI, WIFI hotspot, 4G data, calls, text messages, etc. 

All our phones come with a protective case as well as a screen protector.

  • Can I use my INSIDR smartphone to add any apps I like/need? 

You are free to use your INSIDR smartphone to download as many free apps as you wish!  

If you know when booking that there are certain apps that you would like your smartphone to have, just let us know and we'll make sure your phone has them all downloaded for you when you arrive!

  • What if I have a technical issue with my INSIDR smartphone during my stay?

If you have any problems using your INSIDR smartphone, don’t panic, our team is on hand! You can contact us night or day via a direct line that we'll set up just for you on your INSIDR smartphone!



  • Why should I trust your recommendations on your maps and walks?

Try to imagine visiting a city with a friend who knows all the best spots and gives you great recommendations according to what you need and want because he knows you! Well, having an INSIDR smartphone in your pocket feels exactly like that!

We put all our efforts into giving you the best authentic and non-touristy tips so that you can enjoy Paris like a true local! All of our recommendations are updated very regularly!

Too many tourists leave without having discovered the real Paris: tourist traps, crowded and touristy restaurants with bad food, etc… INSIDR was created especially to prevent this! We aim to share our vision of the City of Lights with you!

We would also like you to be assured that all our recommendations are non-commercial and have been tested by our INSIDR team and Parisian Community.

  • Can INSIDR keep me updated with what's going on in Paris during my stay?

When visiting a city, it's always nice to be aware of what's going on without having to read dozens of different magazines and newspapers!

That's why we promise to keep you updated everyday with our morning message, letting you know what's going on that particular day. From temporary exhibitions to the latest trendy bar openings, you’ll always be in-the-know! Nothing better than a friendly message to start the day with great insider tips from locals!

  • What is the language of the INSIDR service?

The language of your smartphone can easily be changed in the phone settings. Unfortunately, our digital guide features are exclusively in English for the moment, however we're working hard to translate them into other languages!

This being said, you don't need to worry about getting around once you're here. Our Parisian Community boasts a wide array of spoken languages, such as Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Armenian, Serbo-Croatian, Quechua, Italian, and German. Whatever you speak, we'll be there to assist you during your stay!

  • Who exactly will be answering my questions in the INSIDR Community?

Our INSIDR Community is made up of local Parisians and expats who are happy to share their love for Paris with you! All of our community members have been living in the city for many years and know it inside out. Plus they're all very friendly, speak multiple languages, and will answer your questions in real-time!

We know how hard it can be to get in touch with locals in a new city, that's why we love our Community so much! Imagine being able to reach out to local friends and get all the answers you need! Our Community is exactly that. Whether you're looking for a romantic restaurant in Montmartre or a trendy nightclub to get your groove on, our Community are here to share their advice with you, helping you enjoy Paris like a true Parisian!

  • Is the INSIDR Community available 24/7?

As mentioned above, our Community is made up of friendly Parisians who are happy to share their tips and recommendations with you! Our Community members all choose to participate (they are not paid), and their motivation is simply welcoming people into and helping people discover their city. We therefore cannot guarantee that they will reply to your questions late at night. This being said, over 90% of our travelers' questions are answered in under 5 minutes. So you can expect to get some seriously good tips and advice :)



  • How does your INSIDR delivery process work?

When it comes to delivering your INSIDR smartphone to you, you have several options:

If you are flying to Paris, we can meet you at CDG Airport (free of charge) upon arrival to give you your phone. We are flexible and ask for all of your flight details when booking to be sure to adapt to your exact arrival time. We also have specific meeting points (sent to you with your booking confirmation) so we'll be easy to spot when you arrive!

You can also opt for flexible delivery to your accommodation in Paris. This allows you to take your time getting into the city and settled into your Parisian home. We will come to you when you're ready - a much more stress free option! Please note that we charge 15€ for this service.

Alternatively, you can come by our centrally located Parisian office to meet our team and pick up your INSIDR smartphone.
We are easy to reach and are open daily. Plus, this service is free of charge.

If you are traveling outside of Paris, we can also post your phone to you anywhere in France. This way it will be ready and waiting for you upon arrival. This postal service will cost you 15€.

Every INSIDR smartphone that we deliver comes with a short demo (either in person or via a leaflet if you opt for a postal delivery) so that you feel 100% confident in using our service from the word go :)

  • Will I have to pay any extra costs upon delivery?

Not at all! Your initial booking fee is a one-off payment and we won't ask you to pay any additional charges after that. We're proud to offer an all-inclusive service without any hidden costs or top-up charges.

  • What about returning my INSIDR smartphone at the end of my stay?

We ask that you provide phone return information when booking. However we all know that life happens and plans change. That is why we will always be flexible and will be in touch with you during your stay to confirm how you would like to return your INSIDR smartphone. We are very adaptable in terms of time and location, and will not charge you anything extra for your choice of phone return method. We will contact you 48 hours before you leave to organize the fine details of returning your phone so there's no need to worry about planning anything in advance!

  • Are there any penalties if for some reason we have to cancel our trip?

That's an easy one. If you cancel up to 48 hours before arrival, you'll be given a full refund! And if your travel plans and dates change, we can modify your dates without any extra cost (bearing in mind that if you do decide to use our service for a longer time you will be asked to pay the difference).

  •  What happens if I lose my INSIDR smartphone or it's stolen during my trip?

Our phones all have insurance and are covered for this kind of problem. We do kindly ask that, in the unlikely case of one of the above events happening, you let us know as soon as possible so that we can contact the necessary people. We also want you to know that we'll be here to support you if ever your have any trouble with your INSIDR smartphone!




Feel free to chat to us online, or email us with your questions at team@in-si-dr.com