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Currently, more than 50 trendy Parisians have chosen to share their expert tips with INSIDR travelers coming to Paris!

INSIDR Angel Eva

The restaurant and night-out specialist! Eva has the longest list of cool / trendy / up-and-coming destinations in Paris. When not working hard as a strategy project manager, Eva meets her friends in the hottest places in Paris.

INSIDR Angel Anne-Laure & Alex

The nicest power couple in Paris! Anne-Laure is a former trader and now works at Google in Paris. Alex is a consultant touring the world. They LOVE Paris and people in general, and are eager to share their tips on where to go and what to do.

INSIDR Angel Anne

Always looking for new art exhibitions, Anne is the ultimate tip provider for cultural events in Paris. When not painting, drawing, or taking part in charity work, Anne walks Paris tirelessly.

INSIDR Angel Julie

Previously working in haute couture fashion and now working in luxury jewelry, Julie has attended more exclusive parties and gatherings than it is possible to imagine.